Tiny Studio

About a year ago, I hit a really discouraging financial spot and had to make the split decision to move my office back home after recently renting out my first off site space since starting Rebekah Gough Jewelry. I was feeling super defeated and really didn't want to put all of my things back into the dining room which is right in the entry way of our house and with a family of six living in 1800 square feet it felt impossible to bring it all back in.

We have a teeny tiny laundry room on the second floor that, as you can imagine was a dumping ground for everything under the sun as well as all the dirty laundry. Despite all of that the room seemed like the only solution. The only problem was I had about twenty bucks to fix it up - luckily Mr. Gough also has about six thousand pieces of wood in our garage and so with his ingenuity and tender heart he crafted up a little desk, we put my existing cabinet on top of the washer and dryer and bought some new organizers and the space became my new tiny studio.

It's not how I would have it look if I had the big fancy budget - hello these floors from the 90's are pretty hilarious..but it's perfect for now, and it's reminding me everyday that even in the up's and down's of life a little hope and creativity is all you need to keep going.

I thought it was high time to share a peek into where I make all the jewelry, ship orders, answer emails and of course do the daily four loads of laundry - multitasking mom's everywhere, I see you!

Here is the before -

feeling a little vulnerable posting these before pictures :)

Before on the other side - as you can see the shape of the room is super awkward and I didn't really know how to utilize it at all. Luckily Chris could see it in his head and made the corner style desk to fit the wonky space perfectly.

I got rid of a ton of the crafting supplies and things we didn't need and found a spot for everything else!

All in all I'd say it works really well for a practically free upgrade! Feels good to have a designated spot to be creative and although I still dream of a big spacious off site studio, this one will do until the time is right!

xo, Rebekah


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spouddy April 11, 2022

I love the way you have used your space, I am a textile designer/upholsterer and have just turned one of the rooms in my house into a workroom……I love it as it means I can work anytime, mostly when my twins are sleeping!


clare February 06, 2020

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