Teeny Tiny Birthstone Necklace


This is a simple and understated staple piece with a sentimental touch. Birthstones for your children, grandchildren, anniversaries - you name it. The necklace includes up to two stones and you can purchase additional stones for $5 each.

Gold-filled wire and chain measuring 16" with seamless gold-filled beads separating each gemstone.

Please include the months and order of stones in the note at checkout.

For those who have suffered miscarriage and would like their angel babies represented on the piece (grandmothers too), I will include a tiny pearl for each one on the back clasp at no additional charge.  Please note at checkout.

The last picture shows the stones in order from left to right:

January (Garnet) | February (Amethyst) | March (Aquamarine) | April (Diamond-crystal used) | May (Emerald) | June (Pearl or Moonstone) | July (Ruby) | August (Peridot) | September (Sapphire) | October (Pink Opal) | November (Topaz) | December (Turquoise)

We want to give you the highest quality products, while supporting manufacturers and suppliers here in the USA.

The majority of our jewelry is gold-filled or gold-plated, and is designed by Rebekah in Seattle, WA.

Gold-filled jewelry is composed of a base metal with a layer of solid gold pressure-bonded to it.  It is an affordable and beautiful alternative to solid gold, and is tarnish resistant.  It's easy to care for and should last you a lifetime.  The majority of our gold-filled pieces are 14k gold-filled and will be specified in the product listing.

Gold-plated jewelry is not solid gold, but looks just like it.  We love gold-plating because, like gold-filled, it is an affordable and beautiful alternative to solid gold.  The piece starts with a base metal (brass, sterling silver, etc.), then a chemical process is used to deposit a very thin layer of gold, creating a durable and long-wearing surface.  The majority of our gold-plated pieces are 14K or 24K gold-plated, and will be specified in the product listing.  With proper care, the thickness of our gold-plated pieces allows for wear over many years.

Our jewelry is handmade and designed by Rebekah.  Many pieces are unique and hand-drawn.  

All of our materials are sourced and manufactured in the USA.  We love supporting other local small businesses, so the vast majority of our jewelry is designed, sourced, and manufactured here in the Seattle area.




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